Products to suit the financial market

Money Market

These are markets that provide short term liquidity, in which the assets transacted have maturities ranging from a day to a year, and are normally easily convertible into cash. Money markets instruments that NMB trades in include interbank placements/deposits, Treasury bills, Repurchase Agreements (repos) and Reverse Repos.

Government Securities

  • Primary Market
    NMB is a licensed Central Depository Participant of Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds. As such, NMB can invest in these Government Securities on its own account and on behalf of customers.
  • Secondary Market
    Secondary bond market involves trading of previously issued bonds amongst banks, customers, institutions and organizations. NMB actively participates in this market in alignment of its liquidity and investment objectives.

Fixed Deposits

Fixed deposits accounts are investments accounts in which funds are deposited for a specific period of time at an agreed rate. NMB offers flexible and fixed term deposit accounts where interest payments are paid periodically and on maturity, respectively.