Products to suit the financial market

Primary Market

Being a licensed Central Depository Participant (CDP) by the Bank of Tanzania, NMB caters to our customers’ investment needs by assisting them to bid in Treasury bills’ and bonds’ primary auctions.

What you need to participate in primary auctions

What you need to open a CDS account


Q2 Government Securities Auctions Calendar

Date                  Event
01-Apr-20          Treasury Bills Auction

08-Apr-20          15-year Treasury Bond Auction

15-Apr-20          Treasury Bills Auction

22-Apr-20          20-year Treasury Bond Auction

29-Apr-20          Treasury Bills Auction

06-May-20          7-year Treasury Bond Auction

13-May-20          Treasury Bills Auction

20-May-20          20-year Treasury Bond Auction

27-May-20          Treasury Bills Auction

03-Jun-20          15-year Treasury Bond Auction

10-Jun-20          Treasury Bills Auction

17-Jun-20          5-year Treasury Bond Auction

24-Jun-20          Treasury Bills Auction

*Minimum investment amount in T-bills is TZS 500,000 in multiples of TZS 10,000

*Minimum investment amount in T-bonds is TZS 1,000,000 in multiples of TZS 100,000

Secondary Market

Should your bids in the primary auction become unsuccessful or miss out the primary auction opportunity, NMB is there to assist you meet your investment needs through the secondary market.

NMB is an active player in secondary trading of government securities offering you competitive quotes on investment horizon ranging from 1 year to 20 years.

See our indicative bond runs below: 

 Paper                    Bid/Offer

 2yr                        8.50% - 8.00%

5yr                       11.00% - 10.50%

7yr                       11.50% - 11.00%

10yr                     13.00% - 12.50%

15yr                     14.50% - 14.00%

20yr                     16.20% - 15.70%