NMB Business Savings Account is a tailor made saving account that enables businesses to develop a saving culture. NMB Business Savings Account offers a high interest of up to 13% per annum, paid on a quarterly basis. On top of the basic interest, this account has an additional attractive and competitive quarterly paid saving/bonus interest. 


  • Offers interest of up to 13% per annum*
  • Interest accrued daily and paid on quarterly basis
  • Enjoy savings interest over and above basic interest
  • Savings can be used as a lien to acquire a business loan 


  • The business savings account can be opened by individuals or any registered businesses
  • Certified copies of business license, TIN, MEMART, certificate of incorporation, annual return from BRELA (where applicable)
  • Two passport photographs of authorized signatories
  • Certified copies of identification (I.D) of the appointed signatories
  • A letter to serve as a proof of residence from VEO or WEO
  • Board resolution to open an account at NMB
  • The minimum age for applicants is 18 years 

* Terms and Conditions apply.

For further assistance, please call our toll free number - 0800 002 002.