What is the structure of NMB's issued share capital?

625,000,000 Ordinary shares of 40 each
Called up and fully paid
500,000,000 Ordinary shares of TZS 40 each


Cooperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. 'Rabobank Nederland' 34.90%
The Treasury Registrar 31.78%
National Investments Company Limited ( NICOL ) 6.61%
Mr Aunali F Rajabali And Sajjad F Rajabali 5.00%
Sqm Frontier Africa Master Fund  Ltd 1.91%
Morgan Stanley Galaxy Fund 1.34%
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund Inc Frontier Emerging Markets Portfolio 1.24%
Patrick Schegg 0.99%
Parastatal Pension Fund ( PPF ) 0.97%
Pinebridge Sub-Saharan Africa Equity Master Fund 0.77%
Kuwait Investment Authority 0.70%
Duet Africa Opportunities Master Fund 0.63%
TCCIA  Investment Company Ltd 0.52%
General public species 12.64%
Total 100%

Who is NMB's independent auditor?

PwC Tanzania
Pemba House
369 Toure Drive, Oysterbay
P. O. Box 45
Dar es Salaam

Does NMB pay dividends?

Yes currently we pay final dividend as per company Articles of Association, but all depends on Shareholders' decision during the Annual General Meeting

In which currencies does NMB pay its dividends?

Tanzanian Shillings (TZS)

Does NMB have a scrip dividend scheme?

Yes, of 33% of profit after tax which represents dividend cover of 3 times. This is also subject to the Board and Shareholders decision

How do I calculate my dividend?

(Number of shares * declared dividend rate per share) - Withholding Tax

Where can I find out about historic dividend payments?

At NMB Finance Department

Who do I contact if I haven't received my dividend entitlement advice or my dividend payment?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is the position regarding taxation of dividends, taxation of capital gains, and stamp duty and stamp duty reserve tax?

The TRA charges 5% withholding Tax on dividends

(In capital gain there is brokerage commission)