NMB Salary Advance has been designed specifically for employees who receive their monthly salaries through NMB Bank. They can be able to access up to 40% of their monthly before the salary date.

Features of NMB Salary Advance

  • You can get up to a maximum of  TZS 1,000,000 instantly
  • Free of interest rate
  • Repayment term is 30 days
  • No upfront charges
  • Only 6% processing fee charged at the end

For Example:

  • Salary advance of 10,000/- repayment will be 10,000 + 600
  • Salary advance of 100,000/- repayment will be 100,000 + 6,000
  • Salary advance of 500,000/- repayment will be 500,000 + 30,000
  • Salary advance of 1,000,000 repayment will be 1,000,000 + 60,000

What you need to have NMB Salary Advance?

  • Channeling  of your  three recent salaries  to NMB account
  • You should not have an existing Advance Salary outstanding balance
  • Registered on NMB mobile service

How to apply NMB Advance Salary

  • Advance Salary is applied through NMB mobile by dialing *150*66# then follow instructions.

Benefits of NMB Advance Salary                                          

  • Get access to your Salary before salary date
  • Solve your urgent problems instantly through NMB salary advance
  • You can apply salary advance twice a month, once you have paid the previous outstanding salary advance amount

Terms and conditions of Salary Advance

To read terms and condition of NMB Salary Advance please Click here to download

** Please note this is currently available to selected employers


For more assistance, please visit your nearest NMB branch or call our toll free number– 0800 002 002