Through Cash In Transit (CIT), NMB facilitates cash collection from the customer’s premises and delivers to pre-designated NMB branches for deposit into their account. NMB CIT also supports collection of cash from pre-designated NMB branches to the customer's premises. The frequency of collection is agreed upon with the customer. CIT will be given fast value with same day value available in many areas across the country, given our wide branch network. Together with this service, real time access to account information is guaranteed through NMB's internet banking facility. 

This product is for:

Cash in Transit can be offered to basically any customers who collect large amounts of cash from their clients at their premises. These includes oil & gas companies, fuel stations, supermarkets, the Judiciary system, Immigration, the Police, etc. 

Cash In Transit offers the following benefits:

  • The risk shifts to NMB and its agents once cash is collected, giving customers peace of mind while cash is in transit
  • Reduced risk for customer premises & staff. Cash is collected by armed guards with armored vehicles
  • Insurance - cash collected is insured to the tune of TZS 250M per vehicle with an additional TZS 50M Pavement Insurance
  • Administrative costs - customer’s staff can concentrate on core business activities 
  • Convenience in managing cash transactions
  • Flexibility in delivery time - with our wide branch network, we can assure our customers' cash collection in 95% of all districts across the country where we are located, at an affordable price

For further assistance, please locate your nearest NMB branch or call 0800 002 002