CCP is a service rendered by the bank where convenient teller services are provided “on-site” for customers who receive a high volume of payments (cash or cheque) on their premises. 

The teller is located in the customer’s premises to deal with all cash receipts as required and at the end of each day, the customer’s receipts are evacuated and transported to the bank via Cash In Transit by a bank agent (security company). 

CCP has a direct link with the bank’s network. Therefore, CCP acts like a mini-branch where, when the bank’s teller accepts payments from the customer’s clients, the customer account is credited immediately as the transaction takes place.

Benefit of Cash Collection Points 

  • Service at the customer premises, reducing the time and resources used for banking CCP dedicated to customer’s activities only 
  • CCP relieves customers’ staff of the cash handling burden, allowing them to perform other duties
  • Secure cash movement

Who Would benefit?

  • Large corporates e.g. soft drinks  companies  
  • Government institutions eg. Immigration 
  • Government agencies, etc.