To grasp this biggest opportunity to work with NMB Bank as our agent, you are required to meet the below criteria;

  • One must have an existing, well-established and ongoing commercial activity or any other activity that has been lawfully operated and possess a current and valid business license
  • Must be operating at a permanent business premises
  • A person/business must have been operational for at least eighteen (18) months as evidenced by previous business license and/or other registration certificates, preceding the date of the application to become an agent
  • A person/business must not have been classified as a non-performing borrower by any bank and/or financial institution and shall maintain the status for the duration of the agency agreement
  • Must possess appropriate physical infrastructure (permanent premise) and human resources to be able to provide the services with high degree of efficiency and security
  • A person/business should not operate Agency Banking as its sole activity
  • NMB Bank Plc staff and/or their associates are NOT allowed to undertake Agent Banking on behalf of the bank
  • Must have a minimum working capital of Tsh 2 Million that shall be maintained during the agreement and Agency Application fee of Tsh 200,000 non-refundable once agent has been approved and sign agreement

 Once you meet the above requirements, kindly visit our nearest branch and/or fill below form and our offices will get in touch with you and sign you up for this biggest opportunity