It is essential that customers are offered products that can cater to their needs and at the same time provide the bank with a competitive advantage or bring the bank to the same level as the competition. The NMB Notice Investment Account is an investment account that is short term and offers customers the flexibility of access to those funds.

This product embodies the following features: 

  • Offered in four major currencies; TZS/USD/GBP/EUR
  • Minimum deposit at TZS 1 Billion
  • Minimum deposit at USD/GBP/EUR 100,000 
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid at the end of the tenure
  • Tenure of 7-days, 14-days, 21-days and 30-days
  • 24 hours’ Notice – with which customer will receive principal + interest without a penalty

Benefits of this product include:

  • Investment opportunity with short term funds lock-in
  • Access to other products and services

Who would benefit?

The NMB Notice Investment Account is intended to target pension funds, insurance companies and customers involved in auctioning government securities (T-bills and T-bonds). However all customers that wouldn't opt to lock their funds for a longer period for investment can also benefit from this product.