Throughout the years, we have devoted our resources and efforts to provide financial services to unbanked and under banked communities in Tanzania.

At NMB, we understand that people need to have access to affordable, and customer-focused financial services for both individual and national development.

The economic impact of providing access to financial services in a market like Tanzania with low formal financial inclusion is often measured against factors among them rural outreach, access to finance to the agricultural sector, support for micro and small enterprises, access to efficient payment services and finally financial literacy program.

NMB plays a leading role in providing access to financial services, when measured against these five factors.

1.   Rural Outreach:

Over 65% of NMB branches are located in rural areas. This proves that we are committed to taking our services closer to the country’s rural populations. NMB is proud to be a leader, with our distribution being listed as below: 

  • 137 branches out of 197 are located in rural areas (over 65%)
  • Our mobile payment services integration with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) like Vodacom and Tigo offer our customers access to some 50,000 cash-in/cash-out points nationwide, even in the most remote areas.

With that reach of services, NMB has proved to be the answer to bank customers in rural areas. Close to 1,500,000 of NMB individual customers are in rural areas, enjoying the within reach services.

2.   Access to finance to the agricultural sector:

Farmers constitute to more than 80 per cent of the Tanzanian population, hence making them the backbone of the nation’s economy. That is why through our relationships with hundreds of AMCOs, we are supporting farmers.

We have managed to reach out to several hundred thousand individual farmers and their households, each farming small plots (usually not more than two acres) of cashew nuts, tobacco, coffee, or other cash or subsistence crops.

Further, NMB Foundation for Agricultural Development (NFAD) provides training programs to NMB’s AMCO customers, with a focus on financial literacy, marketing and loan administration, governance and farming practices.

3.   Support for Micro and Small Enterprises:

With a growing portfolio of some 60,000 micro and SMEs nationwide, NMB may well be the leading financier of emerging formal and informal businesses across Tanzania, with a total MSE-SME loan book of some Tsh342 billion.

We are supported in that by FMO and EIB who provide funding facilities to extend term loans to these M-SME customers.

4.   Access to efficient payment networks:

Our range of payment services includes over-the-counter (OTC) payments at any of our branches, bill payments and cash withdrawals on any of our ATMs, a card-less remittance product for non-account holders who can withdraw cash at our ATMs without ATM card or bank account.

The integration with Vodacom’s M-Pesa allow all our NMB mobile enabled customers pay to any M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa account and any M-Pesa or Tigo Pesa customer to pay to any NMB account.

5.   Financial Literacy Programme:

In 2012 NMB initiated a large financial literacy programme nationwide, with each of our branches adopting two to three schools in their vicinity. This is with a view to train school children on money matters.