Rabobank Group

Rabobank is a full-range financial services provider operating on the basis of co-operative principles. Its origins are in the local loan co-operatives that were founded in the Netherlands more than 110 year ago by enterprising people who had virtually no access to the capital market. The local Rabobank that evolved from this have a strong tradition in the agricultural sector and in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Rabobank is one of the leading banks in the Netherlands with more than 58,000 employees who serve approximately 10 million clients in 48 countries. In terms of Tier I capital, Rabobank Group ranks among the world’s 25 largest financial institutions and has very high credit ratings, awarded by rating agencies Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investor Service and DBRS.

In 2020, Rabobank transferred all their NMB  shares (34.90%) to ARISE B.V.

Government of Tanzania

The Government of Tanzania holds 31.78% of the shares of NMB. It holds these shares through the Treasury Registrar in the Ministry of Finance.

Non Founder Members 

The public shareholders (local and foreign investors) hold 33.32% of the shares of NMB.

Below is the list of shareholders who own 0.5% or more shares as at 31st December 2022:

Name Number of Shares Held %
Arise B.V 174,500,000 34.90
The Treasury Registrar 158,901,800 31.78
National Social Security Fund (NSSF Uganda) 23,400,000 4.68
National Investments Plc (NICOL) 20,395,130 4.08
Sajjad Fidahussein Rajabali 15,534,030 3.11
Aunali Fidahussein Rajabali 15,533,731 3.11
Banque Pictet And Cie Sa A/C Patrick Schegg 9,000,390 1.80
Public Service Social Security Fund (PSSSF) 7,790,451 1.56
Duet Africa Opportunities Master Fund Ic 4,498,923 0.90
Umoja Unit Trust Scheme 4,322,460 0.86
African Lions Fund Ltd. 2,984,588 0.60
Zanzibar Social Security Fund 2,950,326 0.59
BNYM Re Frontaura Global Frontier Fund Llc 2,716,630 0.54
TCCIA Investment Company Ltd 2,590,919 0.52
General Public 54,880,622 10.98
Total 500,000,000 100.00