Flexi Account is a guaranteed high return savings account which offers highly competitive interest rate for putting your money away for a fixed amount of time. Access to customers’ funds before maturity may be accommodated through written cancellation notice which will automatically forfeit interest to be earned.

Benefits of Flexi Account

  • Highly competitive and attractive interest reward
  • Guaranteed interest payable regularly for the specified period of time
  • Flexible choice of time duration for your investment
  • Invest from one month, three month, six month, nine month, twelve month or more than a year
  • Unlimited  numbers  of  NMB  Time  Deposit  Account  are allowed on different duration of time.
  • Get access to over 215 branches countrywide
  • Customer money are safe secured
  • No monthly maintenance fee

What you need to have Flexi Account

  • Applicant Should have any of NMB Account for Individual
  • A  minimum  of  TZS  500,000/=  to  open  and  operate  this account

 Key Charges Attracted by this Account

  • No bank charges are attached to this account

 Available Currency Options

  • TZS, USD, GBP and EUR