NMB's primary focus is all about building long-term, enduring relationship with our clients through mutual trust, understanding specific unique needs and put all customer interests at the centre of our services. Our Mission is to place customers at the heart of everything we do, thereby helping them realize their financial goals. We invest significant amount of time in understanding personal needs and goals so as to offer tailor-made solutions that will address customer unique requirements. 

Our Promise

Personalized Services

  • Our team of Dedicated Relationship Managers and Relationship Officers are at your service to ensure all your banking needs receive greater personalized attention and help you get the most of your banking experience


  • Experience the latest technology through our Mobile banking that allows you to access your funds and/ make bills payments anytime anywhere.
  • We guarantee you uninterrupted and reliable service from region to district level throughout Tanzania via NMB’s more than 180 branches and more than 600 ATMs.
  • Our premium card products- Titanium and World Debit MasterCard, Chip and PIN; secured with host of benefits, rewards and international recognition allows you to access your funds through ATMs and POS worldwide to all MasterCard Branded ATM’s and Merchants worldwide


  • Access to all our Private Banking branches and Business Centers with meeting rooms country wide.
  • Discounts offered on our MasterCard Priceless program.
  • Reward programs from our World Debit MasterCard.
  • Access to preferential lending and deposit terms.
  • Access to preferential foreign currency conversion rates.

Earning your Trust

  • In the best traditions of private banking, we believe we can only build a lasting relationship with you by earning your trust; both, year-on-year through excellent management of your account and day-to-day by consistently providing outstanding services.