HOW to Register for  NMB Mobile via ATM

  • Visit your nearest ATM
  • Press any button to put your ATM on standby
  • Insert card
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select the language of your choice
  • Select the NMB Registration button on the lower end of your right hand side
  • A message prompting to enter the number you wish to register will appear on screen. Enter the number e.g. 07******** and press the Continue button on the top right hand side
  • Message requesting you to confirm the number appears Double check the number and accept by pressing the YES Button on your right hand side or No if the number is not correct
  • A message requesting you to enter a PIN number for NMB Mobile will appear. Enter a FOUR DIGIT number e.g. 1234 and then press the top button on your right to confirm the PIN entered
  • A message requesting you to enter the PIN number for second time for verification will appear. Enter the exact same number as before and press the Continue button on the top right hand side

Your PIN is a secret code; do not share with anyone at any time, be aware of the people calling and requesting your information and NMB Mobile PIN. 


Customers who have the NMB Mtoto Akaunti, NMB Chipukizi Akaunti, NMB Personal Account, TPDF Account, NMB Mwanachuo Akaunti, Wisdom Account, Chap Chap Account and/or Business Account Plus together with NMB ATM card can now register for NMB Mobile at any of our over 700 NMB ATMs.

If you do not have an NMB Personal, Wisdom or Student Account please visit our nearest branch. 

You can use the branch finder on this website to find the one closest to you.