NMB PesaFasta is a new money transfer service that enables NMB mobile customers to send money to beneficiaries who don’t have a bank account. NMB PesaFasta recipients will be able to withdraw transferred amounts from any NMB ATM in Tanzania.


  1. Convenient access to money for non-account holders
  2. No monthly fees as fees only apply to transactions
  3. The sender is only charged TZS. 1200/= regardless of the amount sent
  4. It is completely free for the recipient

How to access NMB PesaFasta:

For the sender to access NMB PesaFasta, he/she will have to dial then NMB mobile code (*150*66#)

  1. Enter your NMB mobile PIN
  2. Select Option 3 for Money Transfer
  3. Select option 2 for money transfer “To PesaFasta”
  4. Enter the mobile phone number you would like to send money to
  5. Enter the amount to transfer
  6. Confirm the transaction by pressing ‘0’ and send

How to get your cash via a NMB ATM:

  1. Press the first right top button of the ATM and follow instructions
  2. Select Language
  3. Please enter your Cash Code received from the sender
  4. Please enter your Secret Code received from NMB
  5. Please enter the full amount that was sent to you by the sender and press proceed
  6. Please wait, your cash will come out soon
  7. Please take your receipt

To access account information you will be required to enter Personal Identification Number (PIN). To protect your account while using NMB mobile always keep your PIN safe. Do not show or share your PIN with anyone.

For more assistance, please visit your nearest NMB branch or call our toll free number - 0800 002 002