CSR Overview 

We strive to be equally strong and responsible to the community at large by being a good corporate citizen in our quest to make our world a better place through our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. We have set the budget of one percent (1%) of the after tax profit to accomplish this on an annual basis.

CSR Strategy

We believe every citizen has the right to become better off. Through our commitment to support education, health and financial capability practices, our goal is to create a better  future for both society and the bank.

School Support

Support the improvement of the education sector with the core infrastructure support needed to address the issue of inadequate school desks, laboratory stools, and computers for ICT, supporting learning devices for people with disability etc. in order to contribute to creating the right environment for children and young people to progress in achieving education.

Our support has also gone into supporting the realization of the goal of free education introduced by the current government. We committed to support the initiative by working closely with the government through PORALG to develop a shared vision for a more learner-centric education environment

To compliment the situation in education sector we have committed to support learning environment for young children in Tanzania by providing over school desks to primary and secondary schools in the country. We also donate libraries in schools and support them with laboratory stools as well gas system for secondary schools. 

Health Sector Support 

Supporting the health and wellness of our customers, stakeholders and our communities through provision of complete set of hospital beds, delivery beds and child and mother neonatal kits.

To better understand and reduce gaps of facilities in health centers/hospitals, NMB became a champion of the health sector inspired by the belief that our community is stronger when it is healthier and stable.  In line with nation development priorities in provision of quality health care, we provid complete set of normal hospital beds and delivery beds as well as consider hospital waiting areas and bays, ward separators and waiting benches with a clear understanding of bed capacity being one of challenges in many public hospitals.

Disaster Recovery Support

Our country is prone to several natural and man-made disasters leaving thousands of people in need for both material and moral support. NMB extends a helping hand to the victims of disasters such as the earthquake, floods etc.

Employee Involvement

We promote CSR initiatives to ensure employees take lead in putting CSR initiative into practice. In line with our commitment to operate in a sustainable manner, the staff initiative has operated as a core component of our community involvement in which we match employee contributions with a limit of 1m to a range of charitable organizations. The CSR Unit launched the Community Support Program two years ago and to date we create a better future for the society through giving back and employee volunteerism which multiply the impact while restores happiness and helps to empower the disadvantaged groups