Our dedicated team is specialized in providing solutions to customers and suppliers of reputable corporations. NMB Supply Chain Financing aims at improving financial efficiency by creating a business link between large corporations and their customers (distributors) as well as suppliers.

NMB Business Account for business transactions

  • Overdraft to carter for working capital need where the corporate does not extend credit
  • Guarantee where the corporate is giving credit to its customers
  • Payment solution using NMB Mobile platform (B2B solution)
  • Internet Banking and Point of Sale devices
  • Term loan for capital expenditure needs

Benefits to Corporates

  • Real time payment view over NMB’s internet banking 
  • Upfront cash payment before dispatching goods
  • Improve cash flows of the company derived from upfront cash sales and payment
  • Support growth of company’s sales volume as the counterparties (distributors/dealers) will have access to financing 

Benefits to Distributors/ Dealers 

  • Access to NMB facilities thus increased financial muscles to smoothly carry out business
  • Access to competitive and preferential banking facilities 
  • Increased purchasing power and stocking ability
  • Payment flexibility over NMB Mobile thus reducing the turnaround time of payment and getting stock
  • Increased collection options either using Cash in Transit services or NMB branch network
  • Access to NMB's wide branch network to facilitate collections (more than 140 branches).

General benefits of all corporate products offered 

  • Dedicated Relationship Managers to ensure that we are meeting your expectations and to assist you with future strategy in the markets in which we operate.
  • One stop shop to other trade cum transaction product and services such Import/Export Letters of credit, bank Guarantees, structured finance such as LC cum Collateral management arrangements, Cash In Transit, Borrowing base. 
  • Operate in a bank of more than 170 branch network to facilitate your sales collection.  

Who can benefit from this? 

  • Companies with Turnover above TZS 5 Bn
  • Facilities requirements above TZS 1.5Bn
  • Multinational companies 

You only need to have the following:

  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Certificate of registration/Incorporation, TIN, Tax clearance certificate
  • Valid business license/clearance certificates(incl. specific sector licenses e.g. from Approving Boards, Ministries, Authorizing Agencies NEMC, , etc.)
  • Audited annual accounts for the past 3 years and management accounts for the current year (for borrower, parent and subsidiary companies)
  • Recent annual returns filed with registrar of companies
  • Business Plan & Cash flow Projections for the facility period 
  • Other bank’s facilities/bank statement for the past 12 months (if any, for new relationships)
  • Information on related companies/other businesses (sister companies etc. if any)
  • CV’s of list of directors and key management team
  • Business contracts (suppliers, rent, employers e.g.-communication companies)
  • BOQ, building permit (in case of construction & profile of main Contractor), proforma invoices
  • Board Resolution to borrow and give securities
  • Formal application letter
  • Collateral including valuation report done by banks appointed valuer

Note: Additional information/clarification may be required during processing due to nature of the business. 

Where to apply:

If you are interested, please locate your nearest NMB branch, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0800 002 002