Personal Loan – Secured by other Collateral is the loan facility which is offered to individuals that have ability to service their loan over and above normal exposure limit approved for unsecured loans.

Personal loan (collateral secured) – Features

  • You can get up to TZS 70 million
  • No down payment is required
  • Repayment term varies from 1 year to 5 years
  • Affordable Interest rate is charged on outstanding principal balance
  • The loan is insured in case of death or permanent disability

Benefits of Personal loan (collateral secured) – Benefits

  • Ability to meet your personal needs
  • The loan is insured against death and permanent disability
  • Early liquidation is allowed
  • Loan can assist to finance the purchase of equipment or
  • Start up a business

What you need to have Personal loan Collateral secured?

  • Channeling salary through NMB account
  • Should have steady cash flow
  • Should have security to cover the loan by 125%
  • Landed property with registered title or Residential license or Letter of Offer

For more assistance, please visit your nearest NMB branch or call our toll free number– 0800 002 002