NMB Internet Banking is an electronic banking solution accessible through the Internet that gives business clients access to your NMB accounts, allowing you effective financial management ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. The solution offers you the convenience of digital banking with secure, cost-effective banking at your own fingertips.

With your business accounts it’s easy to pay bills, check balances, view transactions, transfer funds, order statements and more. And with multi-user access, you can assign varying levels of control to your employees.

With NMB Internet Banking access to your accounts and financial transactions is real-time. The system is available 7 days a week, and you can effect Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) from anywhere via the Internet.

Payment options and features: 

  • Salaries and wages 
  • Pensions dividends & other one-off payments 
  • Payment instructions to MNOs (mobile wallets)
  • Electronic Fund Transfers and disbursements 

Our clients will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Future Dated (Post-dated) up to one year in advance
  • Real-time transfers to NMB accounts and payments to other banks take a minimum of one hour and maximum of one day for EFT
  • Secure and authenticated data transmission controls and audit trails.
  • Additional security device guarantees a further level of security as Digipass are issued to users for additional authentication
  • Ability to capture own beneficiary
  • Import and export data, saving time spent on-line, when working offline. Balances and transaction history can be viewed online
  • Payment advice can be sent, with personal reference, to any e-mail address