We have over 3000 employees coming together from all walks of life, offering various expertise to bring forth the best customer experience through our product offerings and services. Like any group of people brought together to achieve a common goal in unity, NMB employees share a set of core values namely Eagerness, Customer Focus, Ownership, Teamwork, Integrity and Compliance that guide, bind and drive us. These values, we firmly believe are fundamental in not defining who we are but what we do and in what manner should we serve.

What do we mean when we say that we embody these values bind, guide and drive us?


Integrity is our highest value. Customers and management should always be able to check and ask for proof and should never be disappointed and never rely only on ‘trust'. We keep customer Information confidential and report irregularities to management through whistle-blowing.


We have full knowledge and understanding and always comply to internal and external regulations. We act in line with our code of conduct. If we are not able to comply, we escalate or complain internally. We act as professionals by not sharing passwords and taking full responsibility for mandatory controls. We act, speak and work professionally to avoid any mistakes derived from habitual incidents.

Customer Focus

We focus on the needs of our internal and external customers and stakeholders by offering our support, manage expectations, doing what needs to be done and check satisfaction afterwards. We realize that we should always act as ambassadors of our brand and never forget that our customers pay our salary.


Our job is notfinished as long as we can still support our colleagues. We share and are eager to learn best practices as we are open for suggestions from colleagues. We give and accept specific feedback in a constructive manner. We also feel that we are part of the NMB family and we celebrate together our successes as The Winning Team.


We have a strong desire to show our best as we believe that NMB is the right place to grow to our full potential. We are always looking for opportunities/innovations and we will not run away from problems as we recognize the challenge of overcoming them.


We feel responsible for our own tasks so we plan our work; do our own quality control and we will not rest before we fulfill our goals We also take ownership for a clean and safe environment, and the general well-being of NMB, no matter In which area we work.

Ultimately, values are what you practice in your daily life. At NMB, living these values not only holds us accountable; it is a way of life that helps us to serve our customers better by offering the best versions of ourselves at any given moment.