Agriculture has always been the backbone of our economy. NMB, being the bank that supports growth, is well positioned to utilize the market opportunities in Agribusiness in Tanzania by focusing on value chains for different crops. We offer financial assistance ranging from individual farmers to cooperatives. Our key success in agriculture financing has been the continuous investment in sector knowledge, products and key partnerships with key stakeholders. NMB Agribusiness Department provides loan facilities (Commercial Unit) together with Food and Agribusiness Research and Advisory Services (FAR). Moreover, NMB Foundation for Agricultural Development as a separate unit plays an important role in capacity building for cooperatives and farmer groups. 

NMB Agribusiness Commercial Unit

NMB has developed a unique lending approach to agribusinesses and gathered a wealth of experience that makes the bank more competitive in agriculture value chain financing than its competitors. We offer tailor made financing solutions to agriculture sector under various products as listed and described below:-

  • Warehouse Receipt Financing
  • Out-growers Loan Schemes
  • Working capital/Overdraft credit facilities
  • Short, medium and long term Loan facilities
  • Agribusiness bank accounts ( i.e. Business, Personal and Saving accounts)

NMB Food and Agribusiness Research and Advisory Services (FAR)

Knowledge is a crucial and decisive element for the success of the changed direction of the bank towards agribusiness. Thus, to enhance knowledge and deeper understanding of the agriculture sector both internally and externally; Food and Agribusiness Research and Advisory Services unit (FAR) plays a very important role in managing information streams. 

NMB Foundation for Agricultural Development (NFAD)

The Foundation's aim is to strengthen the management of cooperatives and farmer organizations in terms of leadership, governance, marketing and financial skills as well as production techniques to improve production volume per unit area as well as quality. Hence make the farmers' organizations and cooperatives sustainable and bankable for eventual increase of farmers' income. Therefore, Agribusiness department taps the expertise entrusted within the Foundation to further develop the farmer groups and cooperatives in conjunction with the new Agribusiness strategy.