To comply with BRELA: NMB Bank Management, would like to remind you to ensure your company is registered with BRELA through or  before the deadline, 19th July 2018.

The Parliamentary Public Investment Committee (PIC) said on Tuesday that it is happy with the performance of NMB Bank Plc, promising to work with the financial institution to advance Tanzania’s economic growth endeavors.

The dividend pay-out as proposed during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that was held in Dar es Salaam was approved by the bank’s shareholders

Dodoma, June 11, 2018 – After the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 2nd June 2018, the bank’s shareholders approved a total of TZS 32 billion (i.e. TZS 64 per share) as dividend, out of the 2017 after tax profit of TZS 94.8 billion. The Government owns 31.8% of 500 million shares and has received TZS 10.1 billion. In 2017, NMB remains the most profitable bank in the country. 

NMB Bank Plc ‘NMB’ has announced the reduction of its loan interest rates from 19 percent to 17 percent for salaried workers loans aiming at attracting more customers to access its loan facilities. NMB Bank - the largest bank in the number of customers, profitability and branch network has lowered the rates to 17 percent down from 19 percent for both public and private sector employees.