NMB Jiwekee is a digital retirement savings product designed to offer a flexible and convenient saving plan for individual Tanzanians as they prepare for a financially secure future. This innovative product aims to assist self-employed individuals, business people, farmers, and two/three-wheeler operators, among others, who are not part of the formal retirement savings system.

This product is not limited to the self-employed; it is available to any individual who wishes to save for the future.

Features of NMB Jiwekee

  • Subscription via NMB MKONONI.
  •  ⁠Ability to set and change the contribution percentage (from 1% to 100%) to NMB Jiwekee instantly via NMB MKONONI.
  • ⁠Minimum tenure of 5 years.
  • ⁠Ability to pause and resume contributions at one's convenience depending on their needs at the time. This allows customers the flexibility to stop contributing without unsubscribing from the service.
  • ⁠NMB Jiwekee will not allow any withdrawals to facilitate savings behavior.
  • ⁠Ability to request a Jiwekee statement (to see contributions) through NMB MKONONI.
  • Earn up to 5% credit interest.
  • ⁠Ability to deposit to NMB Jiwekee from other banks, Mobile Network Operators, and from any of our channels.
  • ⁠Life insurance cover at no additional cost where upon death or permanent total disability, a customer will receive double their balance, with a minimum of TZS 2 million and a maximum of TZS 50 million. This is underwritten by Metro Life Insurance.
  • ⁠Ability to unsubscribe from NMB Jiwekee via NMB MKONONI, and the saved funds will be credited into the customer’s account.

Benefits of NMB JIWEKEE

NMB Jiwekee will offer you differentiated benefits as you prepare for retirement. Below are the benefits:⁠

  • ⁠Flexibility to;
    • Decide the amount to save from every incoming fund.
    • Flexibility to pause contributions to NMB Jiwekee without canceling the service, then resume at any time and continue saving.
  • Affordability: You can save any amount depending on the percentage you set.
  • Convenience: You can subscribe and unsubscribe from NMB Jiwekee as needed through NMB Mkononi (less paperwork and time) and conveniently view your contribution statement from NMB Mkononi at any time.

How to access NMB Jiwekee

Dial *150*66#, then Extra Services> Jiwekee > Register and proceed to choose the percentage you would like to set aside or use NMB Mkononi App.

For more assistance, please visit your nearest NMB branch or call our toll-free number– 0800 002 002.