Features of Fast Track

  • Key guidelines on what is expected when we serve Fast track customers
  • Dedicated teller counter/cubicle to serve fast track customers
  • Applicable to all branches with more than 4 teller cubicle

Fast Track offers the following benefits

  • Free service (No extra cost)
  • Flexibility and convenience 
  • Issued with special card (Fast track card)
  • Access to our call center through priority number +255 22 216 1888
  • Extended branch operating hours by 30 minutes
  • Free e-statement
  • Commitment to acknowledge - customers' complaints are received within 24hrs and feedback is provided within 3 days
  • Commitment to serve specific 10 services within the following TAT:
    • A/C Opening (30mins)
    • ATM Card & Pin Issue (10mins)
    • Cheque book Issue (5mins)
    • Bank Statement (5mins)
    • Balance Enquiry (1Min)
    • Cash Deposit/Withdrawals (3-15mins)
    • Cheque withdrawal (3mins)
    • Fund Transfer within (5-10mis)
    • In-house Cheque processing (Up to 5mins)
    • Answering calls (Within 1min)
    • Processing (Up to 5mins)

This service is for:

  • Premium/Individual customers with turnover exceeding  TZS 500M with average balance of not less than TZS 20M or equivalent in Forex in a period of six months
  • Remuneration with the minimum of TZS 5M and SWL facility of/or above TZS 30M or equivalent in Forex.
  • Business Customers – SME,SME Plus and SACCOS with facility not less than TZS 30M
  • Customers with turnover exceeding TZS 500M or equivalent in Forex
  • Customers with average deposit in excess of 20M over a period of 6months or equivalent in Forex

Please visit or contact your nearest NMB branch or contact us on our toll free number – 0800 002 002.