TELEZA KIDIGITALI is a revolutionary digital campaign aimed at accelerating financial inclusion across the country through top-notch digital solutions.


This campaign embeds three products;

  1. Mshiko Fasta – This service enables our customers to get a loan of up to five hundred shillings quickly and easily through his mobile phone without any collateral. This service is available through NMB Mobile APP or USSD (*150*66). The loan can be repaid within 1, 7, 14, 21 or 28 days and its interest will depend on the amount borrowed.
  2. NMB Lipa Mkononi (QR) - Payment service through QR code or Lipa number that enables a merchant to receive payments by digital means. Customers are also able to pay for goods and services at any point of sale by scanning a QR code. This solution accepts payments from all mobile companies and banks that are connected to Mastercard, VISA or UPI network.
  3. NMB Pesa Wakala – an extension service to the current existing Wakala platform that allows anyone with a feature or smartphone to become an agent. The agents have the ability to provide ‘cash in and cash out’ transaction services through their phones similarly to telecom Wakala’s. It is easy to become an agent, all you need is; phone (smart or feature), business license and national ID.

3. Features of Teleza kidigitali.

  1. Eligible to all NMB customers
  2. For big and small businesses
  3. Competitive interest rates
  4. The maximum loan period is 28 days.

4. How do you get these products and services?

The products are available to customers with an active NMB bank account and feature/smart phones.

5. Aim of the campaign

  1. To enhance digital financial inclusion across the country
  2. To spur access to loans for its customers
  1. To be at the forefront of innovation within the financial sector of Tanzania
  2. To provide real time access to either cash or allow bills payments when customer has insufficient balance
  3. Improve access to credit especially to small-to-midsize enterprises
  4. Access to their product/ service without visiting the branch
  5. Increase employment sector

6. What are the transaction types that can be completed with Teleza kidigitali?

  1. QR payments
  2. Unsecured loans
  3. Cash deposit
  4. Cash withdrawal