NMB Jasiri offers a range of financial solutions that are tailored to serve the financial needs of employed women, ranging from a transactional account to an investment account. Enroll to the Jasiri Program to enjoy our financial solutions that will transform your financial needs.


  • Personal Account
    This is a transactional account for individuals which give access to customers’ funds through extensive NMB outlets of over 226 branches countrywide, over 800 ATMs, over 7000 NMB Wakala Agents  and NMB Mkononi.
  • Salaried Workers Loans (SWL)
    SWL is unsecured loan product offered to contractual/permanent employees of government as well as private institutions. NMB doesn't require an employee to pledge any collateral to guarantee the repayment rather, the employee will channel his/her salary through NMB Bank after the Bank has entered a binding contract with the employer.
  • Bonus Account
    This is an account that offers more rates on top of a basic interest, this account has an additional attractive and competitive quarterly paid bonus interest.
  • Fixed Deposit
    Fixed Deposit Account is a guaranteed high return savings account which offers highly competitive interest rate for putting your money away for a fixed amount of time.
  • NMB Mkononi
    Through NMB Mobile a woman will be able to pay bills, make government payments like business taxes, send money to mobile networks and other banks, a woman will also be able to deposit and withdraw money through our network of over 7000 agents/wakalas across the country. Dial *150*66#or download the application from the app store for iOs and Playstore for android.