NMB Jasiri offers a range of products that are tailored to serve the financial needs of employed women, ranging from a transactional account to an investment account. Enroll to the Jasiri Program to enjoy financial solutions that will transform your financial needs.


  1. Agribusiness knowledge and information to various stakeholders in agribusiness sector
    To enhance knowledge and deeper understanding of the agriculture sector; we have established the Food and Agriculture Research (FAR) unit under agribusiness. Agriculture sector knowledge, market trends and price updates for selected Agri- commodities are provided through the research unit to staff and clients.
  2. Capacity building to farmers groups.
    NMB Foundation for Agriculture Development plays an important role in relation to the development of active and sustainable smallholder farmer’s organizations through capacity building trainings on governance of groups, financial literacy and agronomic practices in collaboration with various stakeholders at no cost.
  3. Products offered under NMB agribusiness banking
    We offer tailor made financing solutions to agriculture sector alongside all value chains. Currently products offered by NMB Bank through Agribusinesses include:
    1. Warehouse receipt finance: Warehouse Receipt financing is a working capital facility for all aggregators of crops who purchase non-perishable commodities like coffee, cotton, paddy/rice, maize, cashew nuts, sunflower, sesame, cocoa and other crops which are stored in approved warehouse.
    2. Out-growers loan schemes:  Out grower loans are designed to facilitate producers dealing with production of crops, livestock fisheries sub-sectors under contract farming arrangements or those selling produce to formal markets. The arrangement facilitates producers to get working capital to meet costs of farming, inputs purchase, crop/produce maintenance, harvesting and other related produce development costs.
    3. Working capital/Overdraft credit facilities for MSMEs: These are overdraft facilities to Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) provided as working capital to meet costs related to agriculture businesses in the value chains such as producers, processors, traders, transporters and importers/exporters in agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing sectors.
    4. Investment Finance facilities: This offering is meant to support all capital investment needs and repayable for not more than 5 years in crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries sectors.
    5. Various Current and Saving accounts for Agri related customers.
      • Fixed Deposit
        Fixed Deposit Account is a guaranteed high return savings account which offers highly competitive interest rate for putting your money away for a fixed amount of time.
      • NMB Mkononi
        Through NMB Mobile a woman will be able to pay bills, make government payments like business taxes, send money to mobile networks and other banks. A woman will also be able to deposit and withdraw money through our network of over 7000 agents/wakalas across the country. Dial *150*66# or download the application from the app store for iOs and Playstore for android.