1. What are the most important values you demonstrate as a leader?

    As a leader I always lead by example, I never tell my team what to do but rather why they should do it, through engagement session in groups or individually. I aspire to be a coach and inspiration who is open to feedback – I believe those are some of the great values you can have as a leader.
  2. What is your vision as the Branch Manager for University branch in leading your team and the bank?

    My Vision as Branch Manager in leading my team is to strengthen the relationship between the bank and the Universities and its communities i.e. employees and students that surround us, until our presence is not only seen but felt and on boarding new business
  3. Describe a time you took a leadership position when you did not have the title of a leader.

    I remember when I was in customer service I named our department “Team A”; the aim was to become a more efficient unit in the branch. This allowed me and the team to have a winning mindset- working together knowing that we can accomplish anything. It was important for everyone to know we are not only in the same team but we are the best in what we set to do.
  4. How do you achieve your objectives in a fast-paced (banking) environment? 

    Being customer orientated has help me a lot in achieving my objectives in this industry, but second I totally understand the vision of the bank on what we want to achieve, by when and how are we going to accomplish, and I simply fit in myself; without forgetting hard work pays
  5. How did you prepare for your current role as Branch Manager?

    I invested in myself through acquiring knowledge and skill while I was building myself to match my dreams, I then started with an end – Who do I want to become? What does it take for me to reach there? So I pointed out a number of issues and started doing them. One of those was to choose the rightful mentor who knows me, understands me to coach and guide me through. I am grateful I did find one.
  6. How important is it for you as a leader to drive diversity in your team and why?

    I strongly believe in diversity, as it is a catalyst for team growth and it is an important ingredient in team performance. If you can manage to invest to the team as whole and not individual this will guarantee excellent business continuation, because everybody will have enough knowledge and skills on what to do and how to do. It is risky to have all eggs in the same basket