Titanium, Tanzanite & World

1. What is NMB MasterCard?

NMB MasterCard is a new NMB card that allows NMB customers to access their funds at anytime, anywhere MasterCard is accepted including Millions of retailers, ATMs and online Merchants.

2. What is the difference between the old NMB Card and the New NMB Card?

With the old NMB card, NMB customers could withdraw money from NMB ATMs only and they could not make any purchases. The new NMB MasterCard can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It can be used to withdraw cash at over one million ATMs worldwide where the MasterCard, Maestro or Cirrus marks are displayed. It can also be used to pay for goods and services.

3. How do I get a NMB MasterCard?

To get the new NMB MasterCard you must open an account with NMB Bank. Please visit your nearest NMB branch for instructions on how to open an account and get your NMB MasterCard.

4. What are the benefits of NMB MasterCard?

NMB MasterCard is easy to use, convenient and can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted around the globe. It’s safe to use due to the new technology used to make the card.

5. I see you have different cards with different colors, what is the difference?

NMB has 3 types of cards. NMB World card is for people who have a high spending behavior, NMB Titanium card is for medium spenders and NMB Tanzanite is for normal spenders.

6. What do you mean by high spending, medium spending and normal spending behaviors?

In order to get a NMB World card, among other things you must be able to spend above Tsh 4.5 Million per month, for NMB Titanium you must spend above Tsh 1.5 Million per month and for NMB Tanzanite there are no spending restrictions. For more clarification kindly call our call center or visit your nearest branch.

7. How do I pay for goods and services using my NMB MasterCard?

You can pay for goods and services simply by swiping or inserting your card into a Point of sales machine. Present your card to an attendant where you want to make payments. Make sure the machine is somewhere visible. You may be requested for a password to complete the purchases. Make sure you receive a copy of the receipt and keep it for future references.

8. I went to purchase on other Bank’s POS machine and I was charged by the Merchant, what shall I do?

It is not allowed for a merchant to charge the customer for purchasing through a POS. If you encounter such a merchant, you may opt to continue with the transaction or refuse, but you must report the merchant to NMB for further follow up with MasterCard.

9. I went to other Bank’s ATM and it charged me for using their ATM, is that allowed?

Yes, it is allowed for other Banks outside your country to charge you for using their ATM. You may wish to continue with the transaction or decline.

10. I went to other Bank’s ATM and it gave me a lot of accounts option, what can I do?

When you use another bank’s ATM you may be required to choose your account from several selections on the ATM Screen. Please choose any option and proceed.

11. Fees and Charges

For information on fees and charges, please visit your nearest branch or contact our customer service personnel through 0800 11 22 00/ +255 22 2161888.

12. How can I Safeguard My Card?

Please make sure your card and pin are not stored together. It is safe to memorize your pin and destroy the pin mailer to avoid fraudulent activities using your card.

13. Does MasterCard have a daily purchase and ATM withdrawal limit?

Yes, there is a daily purchase limit of 10 Million Shillings and ATM withdrawal limit of 5 Million Shillings. However, if you wish to travel abroad and you would like to have your ATM withdrawal limit increased, please visit any of our branches, fill in a service request form and you will be assisted.

14. What if I lose my card outside the country?

When you are outside the country, please make sure you write down our customer services numbers in a separate paper. In case you lose your card, immediately call our call center representatives and your card will be blocked to safeguard your account.

15. It takes 24hrs for money to be refunded when deducted from ATM by Yellow card. What will be the timeframe for NMB MasterCard money refund?

With the new NMB MasterCard, it will take more than 45 days to be refunded your money. This is because NMB have to request the funds from the other bank through MasterCard.

16. How do I dispute a card transaction?

Please contact us immediately if you did not receive cash on ATMs or if you notice any fraudulent transactions in your account. You are advised to join NMB Mobile banking for transaction alerts and check your statement on a monthly basis and report any discrepancies.

17. I may have given personal/account information to someone under false pretenses. What should I do?

If you have provided personal or account information (e.g. PIN) to someone else in error please contact us immediately via telephone at 0800 11 22 00/ +255 22 216 18 88.

18. My card will expire soon, what shall I do?

Your card will expire three years from the date it was produced. For information on expiry date please check the front side of your card. If your card is about to expire, you are requested to visit your branch or any nearest branch for a replacement.

19. What do I do when my card is spoilt/ damaged?

If your card is spoilt /damaged or it’s simply not working, please visit any of our branches for investigation. If the investigation reveals your card may no longer be used, our customer service personnel will assist you in getting a new card.

20. What are the procedures for card replacement? Is it on expiry basis or overall renewal as per bank decision?

You can replace your card if it’s damaged, lost/stolen and upon expiry. To do all that you must visit your nearest branch and request for a new card.

21. What is the duration for the customer to get a new card since the request day?

It will take a maximum of 14 days to receive your new card.

22. What is the procedure to be taken when a customer wants to renew the ATM card from an inter-branch apart from where the account was opened?

A customer may visit the branch and request for a new card. She/he may also request to pick the card at any branch of their convenience.

23. What are the procedures to be followed when a card is captured from other banks ATM?

If your card is captured at another bank’s ATM, you may request the bank to give you your card. If the bank sees it’s not suitable to give back your card, they will return it to NMB via courier. Please visit your nearest branch to request for a replacement. Your old card is rendered unt to use.

24. What if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password please visit your branch or the nearest branch to get a new password.

25. Are the terms and conditions (on card request form) been highlighted as to be conscious to customers before signing them?

Upon requesting for a card a customer MUST read and understand ALL the terms and conditions and sign the form.

26. What if I have other inquiries?

If you have any other inquiries please visit any of our branches and you will be assisted by our customer service representatives or call our customer service center at 0800 11 22 00/ +255 22 216 18 88.