• 1. What is the NMB KLiK ?

    Our Mobile Banking App provides you with an intuitive mobile banking experience designed specifically for Android and iPhone smart phone devices.

    It is very easy to download and begin using this popular app. We have built in services and added conveniences, such as being able to locate our ATMs, Wakala and Branches locations through GPS and other capabilities that take advantage of your mobile device features.

    Manage your money with confidence with our App. To use the NMB KLiK, you will be required to login using the same user credentials as you would use with your NMB Mobile. Enjoy new experience of banking.

  • 2. Do I need to pay in order to download NMB KLiK?

    No, you do not have to pay for downloading NMB KLiK. It is free-of-charge. However, it requires an internet connection that you may incur internet data charges from your telecom provider for data usage.

  • 3. How do I enroll for the NMB KLiK?

    Go to your iTunes app store for IOS or Google play and Amazon app store for android and download NMB KLiK. You will use the same login credentials (PIN code) for your NMB KLiK as you do with your NMB mobile. If you do not have NMB Mobile, simply locate our nearest ATM for registration once you have downloaded our App.

  • 4. I have forgotten my NMB mobile PIN how can I obtain it?

    If you have forgotten your NMB mobile PIN code, please visit our nearest branch for ratification. Note: NMB Mobile PIN code cannot be given through telephone for security reasons.

  • 5. Can I change my NMB mobile PIN?

    Yes, you can change it. As an added security feature, you will have an option of changing your PIN as often as you feel it is appropriate. This is done through the bottom bar of your NMB KLiK screen; go to ‘More services” then change PIN code option is available.

  • 6. What are the features of NMB KLiK ?
    • Same login phone number and PIN as your NMB Mobile.
    • Display account balances and details in real-time
    • Able to transact my money easily
    • Complete online funds transfers and external transfers
    • Withdraw my cash any time any where
    • Paying different Bills
    • Get forex info and transfers
    • Send or receive secure messages checking
    • Find an ATM / Branch and wakala – you can use the App to locate the ATM, Branch and Wakala nearest your location
    • Signing out for my Accounts safety.
  • 7. How do I use my favorites?

    When you want to send funds or make payment for the contact that you have saved in favorites; you will just need to select the beneficiary from the list. For example; you don’t need to remember and enter the meter number every time when you are making transfer or payment – this is the new ways of banking

  • 8. Can I be able to receive my eStatements through the App?

    Yes, you will be able to receive your eStatement by requesting it through the App. Clicking the eStatement button and then providing your email and statement duration. You will receive an email shorty at your touch of a button.

  • 9. How can I contact for help regarding NMB KLiK?

    Contact us by clicking the top left navigational icon ,You will find a dashboard, by viewing our FAQ or log in a ticket or call our contact center, also visiting our website for product and service information.

  • 10. How do I sign out?

    Signing out is easy, please click the top left navigational bars (where there is 3 lines) on your app screen. You will find dashboard. Go to sign out option and click. You will log out automatic.

    Note: It is safe to sign out after complete performing your transactions.

  • 11. What Services can I Get in the App?


    · Which ways to transact are available in the App?

    They are many ways to transact your money either by buying airtime, withdraw cash trough ATMs and Wakala, paying your bills, transfer to your mobile operators or banks, paying with visa and Master pass.

    · How can I know the money is already sent from my account?

    You will be able to receive messages and alert for every transactions made, however for more information call our professional contact center to assist you, dial 0800 002 002.

    · I have sent money wrongly, how can I obtain it?

    Your money will never be lost with us, just contact us by dialing our contact center 0800 002 002 to trace back your money.

    · How can I buy airtime through the App?

    You can buy airtime Top up through the App by clicking the buy airtime icon and select the Top up options you want, Example Tigo, Vodacom, airtel, zantel, halotel and TTCL .

    · Where can I withdraw cash through the App?

    It’s easy just click withdraw cash icon and then select a way to get your money either by ATM machine or using our Wakala located all over Tanzania. more

    · What bills can I pay using Our App?

    You will be able to pay many bills using the App, type of Bills: - Electricity, water, TV subscriptions, travel, health services, Government services, school frees and PPF pension fund and many more.


    · Can I Save money using the App?

    NO ,you cannot save money through the App, only trough opening a saving account in our branches, you will be able to save your money at an attractive interest rate.

    · Which Savings Account Should I get?

    We have many ways to save your money with attractive and competitive bonus interest more


    · Can I invest using the App?

    No, You cannot invest using the App, but you can open a guaranteed high return savings account (flexi or fixed) which offers competitive interest for putting your money away for a fixed amount of time more


    · Would I get a loan using NMB KLiK?

    No, you wouldn’t get a loan trough the App, only by visiting our branches or call our professional contact center to assist you dial 0800 002 002.

  • 12. How many ways are there for me to bank with NMB?

    There are 7 ways to bank: -Mobile, Internet Banking, Wakala, Pesa Fasta, ATMs, MasterCard and NMB KLiK. Am enjoying my new way of banking.