The NMB App is a real time mobile device application that utilizes internet protocol to enable NMB customers to transact through their accounts via smartphones and tablets. Unlike the traditional NMB Mobile system accessible via USSD short code *150*66#, the NMB App will be accessible to any NMB customer who owns a smartphone with Android operating system version 4.0 and above. Common examples of the phones using Android OS include, but are not limited to Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, Techno and HTC.

As a new service distribution channel, NMB believes customers may need additional information or clarity that will enable them to use this secure yet convenient product more effectively. Please go through the anticipated questions and answers to learn what you might be looking for. Should you feel that you need more information, do not hesitate to call us on 0800 002 002 or drop us an email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I. How do I get NMB App?

NMB App is available on the Google Play App Store which is available for Android phones; or go to and search for NMB Tanzania for installation. 

II. After installation how do I register for NMB App?

First ensure that you are registered for USSD NMB Mobile services. If you have never registered for USSD NMB Mobile services, please visit any NMB ATM to register using your ATM card. After registering for USSD NMB Mobile, dial *150*66#, enter your NMB mobile PIN, select 6 (other services) then choose Register for NMB App and enter your preferred username and password. Remember your Username and Password must be at least six characters long and cannot be the same. 

III. Can the NMB App work without using USSD NMB Mobile?

For the NMB App to work on your phone you are required to register via *150*66#, therefore it is mandatory to register first to have access. Thereafter, you will be able to transact through your account using either USSD NMB Mobile or the NMB App independently, possibly using two different mobile phones. 

IV. Do I have to buy the NMB App?

No. NMB App is completely free to download and install. However, mobile telephone companies may charge you for the data consumption. You will also be charged on some specific transactions at the same tariffs as USSD NMB Mobile. 

V. What is the difference between the NMB Mobile App and USSD NMB Mobile?

The NMB App and USSD NMB Mobile both offer the same services. The major difference is that the NMB App uses internet protocol which is applicable only on smartphones connected to the Internet (by data bundle or WiFi) from any place in the world while USSD NMB Mobile uses short code technology which is applicable to all mobile phones by simply dialling *150*66# and available only within the network reach of your MNO or for roaming customers. Furthermore, the NMB App allows you to check the nearest NMB ATM via the ATM locator option and quick links for help support and additional services and information. 

VI. What type of phones are supported not supported for now?

For now all smartphones and tablets running Android version version 4.0 and above are compatible with the NMB App. To confirm your Android version, go to phone settings and select About Device/Phone to see your Android version. Blackberry, IPhone and Windows smartphones and those running Android OS version below 4.0 are not supported for now though initiatives are in place to support them in the near future.

VII. What should I do if I forget my username or password?

You will have to dial *150*66#, enter NMB Mobile PIN, select 6 (other services) then choose the Register for NMB App option at the bottom on the login screen to enter a new Username and Password. 

VIII. Is my money safe if my phone is stolen?

NMB has ensured maximum security controls which include encryption, username and password and device swap security to ensure the safety of customers’ funds. In the unlikely event that the customer loses their phone, the funds will remain safe and may be accessible upon replacement of new phone and SIM card.

IX. I have multiple accounts. Can I see them all in the NMB App?

No, a customer can only see one account per registered device which is connected to the account registered on NMB mobile service. 

X. Does this service work on rooted mobile phones?

NMB App will not work on a rooted mobile phone. A rooted phone is any Android device which has been hacked to give administrative priority to a user. Rooted phones are risky and unsecured. To mitigate this risk the bank has technologically restricted the use of NMB App on such devices. 

XI. Who should we contact for additional information or clarity? 

Should you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact NMB Customer Care on our toll free number 0800 002 002, drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit your nearest NMB Branch for assistance.